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The Company

Seit dem Jahr 2006 sind wir in einer neuen Produktionshalle.

Produktionshalle mit Hygienestandard neuester Technik.
  Volpini-Verpackungen GmbH Austria is a family business that has been run successfully for many decades.

The family-run business, based in Spittal/Drau since 1906, specialized in the manufacture of plastic packaging, specifically plastic containers (yoghurt cups and thermoforming film) in 1970.

Today, the company’s product range comprises:
• yoghurt cups (printed with up to nine colours)
• Desto cups
• IML deep-drawn cups
• PLA cups (plastic made of renewable resources)
• thermoforming films

”The aim of our company is to help our customers gain a competitive advantage by our flexibility, our promptness and our innovative solutions.”

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